Monday, February 13, 2012

Hoop Takraw

Considered the most difficult version of the game is ‘lawd huang’, as it is known locally. Similar to circle takraw, but the goal is to put the ball into a basket-shaped net with three hoop openings in a triangular formation suspended some five to six metres above ground.

Standing at the perimeter of a circle, each team is given an allotted time, usually 20 or 30 minutes, to put the ball in the basket as many times and as gracefully as they can. Points are awarded for difficulty and creativity, so players break out their full repertoires of such expert manoeuvres as cross-legged jump kicks and other artistic kicks behind the back or with the sole of the foot, as well as strikes with the elbows, shoulders and forehead.

Hoop Takraw! The hoop hang in the air 4.75m from the ground. Players can use everything in thier body except hands to kick the ball in the hoop. USA team did a good job in the 20th King's Cup Sepaktakraw world championship 2005.

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